Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd

Privacy Policy

Protection of Personal Information

ASAHI strictly abides by all laws protecting personal information and relevant regulations and makes utmost effort to protect personal information.

Use of Personal Information

ASAHI shall use the personal information only for the following purposes:-

  • To deliver products to its customer
  • To submit a bill to its customer
  • To provide customer service and product information
  • To provide information by email or direct mail
  • To improve its customer service

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

ASAHI shall never disclose any personal information to any third party without prior written permission of the customer unless otherwise required by law.

Management of Personal Information

ASAHI has implemented measures appropriate to ensuring the secure management of all personal information in order to prevent any loss, damage, leakage, tampering, falsification or unauthorized use of such information.

Compliance with Law

ASAHI strictly complies with all relevant laws and regulations protecting personal information and carefully manages the personal information according to law.

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